We got 40 submissions in our "Dig Me Out of the Doghouse" contest for Valentine's Day, and we want to extend our congratulations to our winners!

Congratulations to the following folks whose stories were worth them being redeemed -- and hopefully, taken out of the doghouse with their significant others -- this Valentine's Day.

  • Blake Lucius, XTC Spa Package courtesy Landmark Credit Services (grand prize)
  • George Colson, Diamond necklace from The Gold Buyer
  • Sam Copeland, Ultrasonic Cavitation from Body Sculpt
  • Tiffani Tenniman, Box seat to see "North By Northwest" at Liberty Hall
  • Jimmy Simmons, $75 to Julian's Asian Diner
  • Nickie Wallace, $50 to San Pedro's

If you would still like to read all of our Dig Me Out of the Doghouse submissions, just click right here.

Congrats again to all, and hopefully it's a happy Valentine's Day!