If you're like many of us in East Texas, this past weekend had you wondering just what season we were in. My son had a baseball tournament this weekend and I wore shorts and a t-shirt to the games! Not normal for December! For those of you wondering when it will feel more like Christmas time, the National Weather Service may have the answer for you.

As you can see from the graphic from the National Weather Service, the reason for the warmer weather has been because of an upper level low that has been stationary over the northeast Pacific Ocean -- keeping the colder air up in Canada.

This area is expected to move across the US this weekend (12/8 & 12/9) and early next week. This will allow much colder air to head south.

So, the question is: how much colder will it get? The answer is quite a bit. We are looking at low temperatures in the 20s and highs in the 40s by next Tuesday (12/11)! This pattern could change, but right now it's looking pretty good for more seasonable weather to be at our doorstep soon.