I absolutely LOVE the show 'Empire.' Who doesn't right? CNN's Don Lemon says that he hates the show and here are some of the reasons why.

From TheGrapeJuice.Net, he says:

"And I'm hating on the TV show Empire. I hate the show. Wanna know why? I hate it because it keeps me up to watch it on my DVR or On Demand...I hate that Terrence Howard gets to play Cookie's husband instead of me. Yes, I'm hating on Terrence, too. I hate that I 'm not in it. I hate that Raven-Symone gets a guest role on the show and I don't/ I hate that it wasn't on TV a long time ago. I hate that is took so long for a show with a mostly black cast, which reminds me of the characters on Dynasty in the 1980's, took until 2015 to gain wide acceptance from the American public...."

So clearly we can see that Don loves the show as much as we do. But I do see some of his points.