The man that kidnapped, raped, and held three woman hostage for over ten years is starting to talk and no one seems to like what they are hearing. Ariel Castro is reported to be making statements such as; "I'm not a monster" and that he and the three woman lived in a "happy household."

It is hard to believe that a man who can torture Georgina DeJesus, Amanda Berry, and Michelle Knight for 11 years can believe in any sense that he is not to blame.

Though Castro is looking at serving over 1,000 years in prison, when he makes statements like these it is hard to say that is even enough.

When you hear that the woman were held against their will in tiny rooms in Castro's basement you feel sick to your stomach. It is difficult to hear that the three women were raped repeatedly, one even giving birth to a child while in her captivity. The extent of Castro's actions that led to him being charged with 977 counts will make your heart ache. Some of which were; "aggravated murder on suspicion of ending the pregnancy of one of his captives", rape, and assault.

Castro pleaded guilty to these charges in exchange for the death penalty to be taken off of the table. This man that identified himself as a "sexual predator" is looking forward to a life rotting in prison.

Ariel Castro has keep a strong standing through his sentencing and trial as not being the bad guy, so to speak. "The stresses of kidnapping, torturing and raping was really hard. I have a difficult situation." Can you believe that? It only gets worse. He made excuse after excuse for his behavior. One of which was his alleged addiction to pornography and masturbation. Then, at one point he seemed to be blaming the victims.

Castro tried to paint a picture quite different than what his three victims had. "He went on to say that none of the women was a virgin when he abducted them, that they wanted to have sex with him and there was 'harmony' in the 'happy household.'"

His haunting words will make your teeth clenched, your heart hurt, and churn your stomach.

"I'm not a monster. I'm just sick. I have an addiction, just like an alcoholic has an addiction," he said. "God as my witness, I never beat these women like they're trying to say that I did. I never tortured them."

A man that kidnapped, raped, and held three women hostage for 11 years trying to act as an innocent makes you want to lose faith in humanity. His attempts to convince the world around him that he did no wrong are disturbing to hear. He was caught saying, "I'm not a violent person. I simply kept them there so they couldn't leave."

These things are tough to hear, but we can all feel a bit better that this man will be behind bars soon.