There probably aren't enough ways to say “I'm sorry” to the Pittsburgh man whose house was demolished due to a clerical error. A demolition firm destroyed his suburban home while he was away on vacation for the holidays.

"I leave for the holidays, I come back, and I see a backhoe sitting on top of my house," Andre Hall of East Liberty, PA told the Associated Press, noting that he'd just finished doing a month's worth of work on the house. "This is not the way I thought my house was going to be in the New Year."

No kidding.

The demolition firm hired by the City of Pittsburgh has officially taken the blame for flattening Hall's home, saying they "forgot" a do-not-demolish order sent to them by the city.

We have all made some mistakes at work, but I have NEVER had someone's house flattened - maybe sent the wrong report. Wonder if some can spell F-I-R-E-D in Pittsburgh?