Imagine going to your mailbox and opening up a water bill from your city. It's for $642 dollars! WHAT!? You shriek, scratch your head, then laugh at the obvious mistake. You then call the city regarding the obvious flaw -- only to find out it's NOT a mistake. This is what you owe the city for your monthly water charge! Unfortunately, this is a similar story that happened to several upset City of Whitehouse residents. No joke. After receiving numerous complaints from residents, the City of Whitehouse has replaced several water meters.

Water bills from the City of Whitehouse have ranged anywhere between $200 and $700 dollars. According to reports, the City's officials took action on Tuesday by replacing the meters of upset residents which would normally be a homeowner cost.
City manager Mike Peterson stated:

"This morning, that's what I decided we would do. We'll have the rest of the meters taken in for testing."

This has given a huge sigh of relief to the several residents that made complaints. Hopefully this will not be an issue in the future.