Who doesn't love Easter? We do, and so do kids. If you're looking for some Easter fun in the city for your children, the City of Tyler has it for you! Bring your kids and their Easter baskets at Lindsey Park for loads of fun, food, egg-hunting, and of course, the Easter bunny! 

The fun will be April 5th at 7pm! There will be over 30,000 eggs to be hunted! Certain ages of children will "hunt" at separate times:

  • 7:00 pm - Special Needs children
  • 7:20 pm - ages 3-5
  • 7:40 pm - ages 6-8
  • 7:55 pm - ages 9-10

Tell your child to look for special "prize eggs" when they go hunting. The best thing parents is admission is FREE! Lindsey Park is located at 12557 Spur 364 West.

For additional information, contact the Glass Recreation Center at (903) 595-7271.