There is stands proudly in your living room, your Christmas tree! It's adorned with your memorable ornaments, beautiful tinsel and bright lights but come December 26th or soon there after it'll all come down and if you've got a real tree in your home what do you do with it? Easy, recycle it!

The City of Tyler Solid Waste Department and Keep Tyler Beautiful will have a couple of Christmas tree recycling areas set up so that you can recycle it. You can drop off your undecorated, non-flocked tree beginning December 26th thru January 12th at the designated areas set up inside Golden Road Park and Fun Forest Park in Tyler.

The trees will be available at the parks for fisherman to come by and claim and sink in lakes and ponds to create natural fish habitats. By doing this, fisherman create places for fish to hide and better fishing for them too because fish love to congregate around them!

So when your tree lives out its usefulness in your home, recycle it!

You can find Golden Road Park at the intersection of Golden Road and McDonald Road and Fun Forest Park is located in the 900 block of North Glenwood Blvd. in Tyler.