One day after the Pope announced that he was stepping down from his post, Pastor Jim Colerick was making his way to YouTube stardom. With his "Christian swag" and freestyle rhymes, he made a video to teach today's youth about following Jesus.

He claims to rhyme better than "Notorious Big" -- not B.I.G., Big -- and continues with, "All the other emcees I wish them well / But if you live in sin, you burn in hell."

And when you think the song is over, Pastor Colerick introduces his wife, Mary Sue to get on the mic. She raps about her love for the "original G" that's so tongue-in-cheek it'll make you blush.

With "Jesus Christ is my n----" as the hook, this song will either make you get yourself to church or cringe at the train wreck that's unfolding on the screen.

The video was posted on Feb. 5 by Brian Spinney, who claims that he helped the pastor film this in high school. Whether or not this is real, it'll definitely make your Tuesday a little more interesting.

Warning: NSFW

Watch Pastor Colerick Rap for Jesus