Don't expect to hear his "ex" on his 'X.'

Chris Brown will not include any collabos with his on-off ex-love Rihanna on his new album 'X,' out July 16, despite previously confirming that they would team up for a track. Yeah, that's when things were going good between ChRihanna. They've since split like 873 times.

A source close to Breezy has confirmed that while his label wanted to feature a song with RiRi, which was recorded before they split for the umpteenth time, the R&B star put his foot down and said no to the way. And that's that.

"Just saw the working track list for 'X' yesterday — Rihanna is not on there. Record execs wanted that song on there, but Chris said he would rather not and wouldn’t allow the record to be released unless they took it off. They’re still hoping to convince Chris or pay him more to change his mind because it would be a hit. The record hasn’t been pressed yet, so things can change, but at this point he’s not changing his mind," the source said.

Well, the fact that the record isn't pressed yet means that anything can happen in the final seconds. The label can save the song for a reissue or deluxe edition down the road if the duo reunites. But it sounds like Brown doesn't want to go down that road again. Sigh. So much drama between those two.

The pair made headlines when they remixed each other's tracks before they got back together.