There is a mystery blonde who is now being tagged as a homewrecker – actually just the catalyst in the latest supposed Chris Brown and Rihanna breakup. She insists she is not fooling around with Breezy because she doesn't date black guys.

Keisha Kimball, 22, works at the Playhouse nightclub in Los Angeles and a photo of her holding onto Breezy's hand on Saturday night (April 6) was splashed online and her new status as the reason for a ChRihanna split was cemented.

Not so fast, brah. The waitress told TMZ explicitly that there is nothing going on. "I am always Chris’ waitress," she clarified. "I know him and am friends with his friends. Nothing has ever happened. I just work there. In the photos, he was handing me a bottle to drink out of. Of course people are going to twist it another way..."

Wow, so you're allowed to drink while on duty at Playhouse? Or does she play where she works? And we don't see a bottle...

Anywho, Kimball had another reason that she's not the cause of the purported split, which, according to a source, reportedly happens with increased regularity. She prefers to date white guys. "I don't go for black guys," Kimball said.

"Whatever is going on between Rihanna and Chris Brown is between them. I’m not trying to be a homewrecker," she said.

Kimball also said that Breezy is usually a good tipper but he dissed her over the weekend. Ouch.

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