The last few weeks of Chris Brown's life have been filled with turmoil to put it kindly. First, he gets turned away at the Canadian border and has to cancel a scheduled Between the Sheets tour performance. Now, the news that he has a secret love child has been plastered across numerous media platforms, leading to his girlfriend, Karrueche, dumping him on Twitter for the world to see. The one bright spot in all of this is that the "Loyal" singer has the gift of a beautiful baby girl to lessen those blows.

TMZ reveals that the name of Brown's 9-month-old daughter is Royalty. The child's mother, Nia, is a 31-year-old model that has appeared in a number of music videos. Whether or not she consulted with Breezy on their daughter's name is not yet known. Considering the singer's unique path in life -- besides releasing albums, he's a dancer and an artist -- it's not far-fetched of him to agree on such a distinct moniker.

Nia, who apparently remains friends with Brown and lives in Texas, has partied with him and Karrueche before. The former couple hit up Last Vegas in 2013, and a photo TMZ uncovered shows Karrueche and Nia in a friendly embrace while in another image, Brown isn't far behind her.

Word is that Brown is ecstatic about being a father and will be an active participant in Royalty's life, even if it means cross-country flights to see her.

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