Chris Brown's fans are getting a two-for-one special as the singer debuts a nine-minute visual for his songs "Liquor" and "Zero."

The 26-year-old X creator proves his talent goes beyond singing and dancing since he self-directed effort.

The first half sets the scene at a bar where the lonely crooner sits down for a drink. The bartender points her friend in his direction and the two decide to slip a little something into his drink.

"There's something in this liquor / The air is getting thicker," Breezy sings before he begins popping around a serenading woman in black. He proceeds to trip out as they caress each other in the back of a cab. Once they get to a wacky funhouse, it's obvious this is one night he won't forget. Moral of the story: Never trust a hot girl with a free drink. The drug continues to take effect as CB's eyes go bright green reminiscent of Michael Jackson's yellow eyes in "Thriller." He also throws down some choreographed moves on top of the bar before making his way home.

It proves to be an off night for Breezy as he finds his stuff being thrown out on the street by his girl. The "Gimme That" singer collects a few of his things and leaves. But not before viewers get some eye candy as he takes off his shirt to change.

The second half of the song picks up as he cruises down the streets of Los Angeles in his $200,000 Rezvani Beast. Donned in a red beret and sunglasses, the FAME creator heads to the Palace where the marquee reads "One Hell of a Night," the same name of his latest tour. He breaks it down in the middle of the ballroom dance floor before he heads outside to an alleyway, laundromat and a bodega for some additional impressive moves.

"Ask how many nights I've been thinking of you, zero (zero) / Gave a hundred percent but all I got from you, zero (zero)," he croons as he accuses his ex of "creeping on my Instagram" since she's "missing what we used to have."

Instagram playboy, Dan Bilzerian, makes a cameo at the end as he's shown buying a pile of condoms for "chillin with the homies" aka the three women standing next to him. Brown and his friends act like goofy high-schoolers as they pat their legs and walk away.

"Zero" and "Liquor" will appear on the Virginia native's forthcoming album, Royalty.

Experience Chris Brown get lit above.

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