Remember that song Chris Brown was rapping at Diddy's party last Sunday? Well, now we know what it is. It's called 'Let the Blunt Go' and it will appear on Funkmaster Flex's new mixtape, 'Who You Mad At? Me or Yourself.'

Produced by League of Stars, the song features MC Breezy spitting reckless bars over a minimalist, computer-blipping beat. His lyrical skills are not too far removed from what Tyga or (*insert your favorite rapper here*) raps about nowadays. That is to say, Brown is rapping your standard "I got more money than you" braggadocio-type rhymes.

"Too many cars, a parade when I pull up / Glass jar, catch a fade, that's a chin up / If you ain't looking I'ma eat your ho for dinna / She said she was a virgin / But I f--- her in Virginia," he raps.

This is not Brown's best rap performance but since this is for a mixtape we guess this is adequate.

No word on when Funkmaster Flex's 'Who You Mad At? Me or Yourself' will be released.

Listen to Chris Brown's 'Let the Blunt Go'