If you think the Chris Brown and Drake feud has simmered down, guess again. Breezy is still feeling some kind of way towards Drizzy after their champagne-throwing brawl last summer in New York.

According to E! News, Brown was chilling at the Emerson Theatre in Los Angeles early Thursday morning (March 7) when the DJ played Drake's hit, 'Started From the Bottom.' This prompted the 'Look at Me Now' singer to jump on a table and demand the DJ to cut the song.

An eyewitness says Brown addressed the club-goers and reportedly yelled, "The DJ can play this s---, but I want you all to know, f--- Drake!" He then gave everyone the middle finger.

How nice.

Afterward, Brown continued to give attendees an impromptu concert performance singing his hits like 'Beautiful People' and five more songs. At around 2 a.m., he got off the table and left the club with his entourage in tow.

Earlier before his club outburst, Brown was filmed at a parking lot in which he confronted a valet over a $10 service charge for parking his vehicle. Geez, Brown, take a chill pill.

No word if Brown heard Drake's latest song, '5AM in the Morning.' On the track, the OVO rapper takes a subliminal jab at Breezy. In the one-liner, Drizzy spits, "Bad press during the summer over allegations / I ain’t lyin’, my n----, my time is money / That’s why I ain't got time for a n---- whose time is comin'."

In any case, neither Chris Brown nor Drake are willing to let bygones be bygones regarding their skirmish last year.

Listen to Drake's '5AM in Toronto'