Chris Brown has found himself in some controversy after he allegedly stomped on a man’s head at a club.

On Saturday (Jun 3), TMZ reported that the R&B singer stomped on a fan’s head while he was at Gotha Club in Cannes on May 18. The incident was caught on video and we have to say it was a pretty mean kick to the noggin.

The man in question, Malek Mokrani, claims he had to go to hospital for head and neck pain. He’s also mulling over whether to file a criminal report.

However, Brown jumped on his Instagram page to explain the situation. According to the “Don’t Judge Me” singer, the fan was actually a security guard who allegedly assaulted him.

"No fans were hurt by Chris Brown. No fans were beat up by Chris Brown," he stated. "[The] security...I don’t think he probably knew who I was. I don’t care, but he assaulted me, grabbed his hand around my throat and tried to push me out the spot when we were walking."

"My security was already advanced in another spot. So we handled the situation accordingly and moved on," he continued. "This has to be a month old so y’all (TMZ) gotta get y’all news faster. And stop lying to the people saying I beat up fans. I don’t do that, but don’t get it f---ed up.”

Although Brown explained what happened, this may not absolve him from getting hit with criminal charges if Mokrani does plan to file a police report.

Watch Chris Brown's kicking skills below.

Watch Chris Brown Put His Foot on Someone's Head

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