Chris Brown might be spending his days in rehab, but that doesn't mean the new music has come to a halt. While we wait for his upcoming album, 'X,' to arrive, Breezy joins actor and singer Asher Monroe in his new video for 'Memory.'

Directed by Brown himself, the electro-pop video presents a few key elements -- lots of lasers, some hot girls and the two artists dancing and singing along. Sure, there isn't much of a story line, but the video is lighthearted and fun and brings us back to the times when Breezy was once the sweet kid we knew him to be

The crooner is all smiles, singing his heart out and showing us how well he dances. And in the same vein as catchy pop songs, this track doesn't fail. Brown sings about how he and his special lady can be a great example of the perfect couple.

"Everyone in the whole world / Searching for someone to share / The love we have between our hearts / And in my eyes no one compares / Watch them stand by watching us / But we got our eyes closed / Seein' love through darkness, yeah / I want," he delivers.

Brown is no stranger to the pop and electronic realm. Songs like 'Turn Up the Music,' 'Don't Wake Me Up' and 'Beautiful People,' his collaboration with Benny Benassi, are just some of his steps into the dance circuit.

'Memory' is currently available on iTunes.

Currently in rehab for anger management, Brown is expected to finish on Feb. 19, CNN reports. The 24-year-old singer is then scheduled to go back to Washington D.C., to attend a hearing about a previous assault charge.