Chris Brown has been notoriously evasive of discussing his 2009 assault on then-girlfriend (and rumored current hookup) Rihanna. Breezy’s changing all that on his new album, ‘Fortune,’ specifically on ‘How I Feel.’

Brown debuted the track on Twitter last night (March 8) for free for his beloved Team Breezy.

The song doesn’t go into too many specifics of the infamous pre-Grammys incident, but he does address it directly. Brown raps, “19 a n—- went through a tragedy / Three years a n—- just found a better me.” Brown also touches on the abusive household in which he grew up in his lyrics: ““All alone sleepin’ in my bedroom / As I wet the sheets momma gon’ be dead soon / Cuz a man beat her.” Heavy stuff.

Other themes in the song include Brown’s resentment of his fame and his constant judgments from the public over his behavior.

Hollywood Life spoke with experts to take a deeper look at Brown’s track and whether it’s a healthy outlet for him and a good perspective to have. Relationship expert Dr. Gilda said that Breezy’s song is the perfect way for him to vent without “looking like a wuss.” Dr. Jeff Gardere agreed and expounded, “He is telling his life story, that he made it despite the odds … that fame has its rewards, pressures and hypocrites … but he is handling the pressures the best way he can.” Gardere continued, “It’s a lonely existence being at the top, living under a microscope. Despite what anybody thinks, he is just a young man who is maturing, and he is going to make mistakes, but he is doing his best.”

One expert wasn’t as impressed as the rest. Dr. Jann Berman remains skeptical of Brown’s recovery. “Expressing yourself through music is an important part of your healing process,” Berman granted, “[But] this isn’t a song that engenders forgiveness from the public nor does it address the terrible act of violence against a woman that he supposedly loved. There needs to be healing not just for Rihanna but for the public.”

In any case, we think Brown’s acknowledgement of the incident is a big step within itself. Do you think it’s time the world forgave Breezy? Do you think he still has work to do? Sound off in the comments!

Listen to Chris Brown, ‘How I Feel’