Ever since Chord Overstreet went shirtless on ‘Glee‘ during the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ episode, we’ve all been scrambling to find more ab shots of this guy. Now that ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star NeNe Leakes is coming on as Overstreet’s swim coach, though, he’ll be showing off his rockin’ ‘Glee’ bod a lot more often.

Overstreet (or should we say Sam Evans?) always had some sex appeal. It’s those Justin Bieber-like features — the bangs and hair swoop, the prominent lips. Only Overstreet is a bit hotter than the Biebs. Sorry, but you know it’s true.

When you pine after Justin Bieber you sort of feel weird cause the pop star looks so young. That’s where Overstreet comes in — he’s the older (and more masculine) version who’s appropriate for you to crush on.