Sunday April 2, 2017 was National Children's Book day and I'm sure everyone including myself had a favorite childhood book growing up.  Mine personally was The Berenstain Bears, anything about Sesame Street, and Dr. Seuss just to name a few.  I loved how my mom read to me and how my imagination would allow me to journey along the storylines, and when I became a parent I read those books to my children as my mom read to me.

The International Board on Books for Young People ( is an international non-for profit organization that founded Children’s Book Day in 1967.  Through them they promote the importance of literacy and reading to children.  They work diligently to promote Children’s Books, Authors, and even organize events in schools and libraries all over the world to encourage children to start reading.

Allow me to introduce Mrs. Monique T. Joseph who is Award winning entrepreneur.  She is launching her first children’s book that reaches across all ethnic and cultural boundaries to inspire a new generation of readers.  Her first book “I Did It!  I Did It! Zoie Learns to Potty” Introduces us to a two-and-a-half-year-old afro puff wearing toddler Zoie who sets out on a journey to conquer the red potty through her trusted friend snotty and her parents.

Monique also talks about how diversity in books can enhance your child’s social learning skills and how important that all children see themselves reflected positively in their community and world around them.

Everyone including myself should enjoy Children’s Book Day as it gives us the opportunity to relive our childhood once again and enjoy reading your favorite childhood books.  Let’s spread the word of National Children’s Book Day and help parents create the imagination of the next generation of readers.

Shawn Knight

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