The first music video from rapper Chet Haze, son of actor Tom “my other son is on ‘Dexter’” Hanks, has dropped. And in the grand tradition of white guy rappers like Vanilla Ice and Snow, Chet’s latest single, ‘Hollywood,’ shows that the Son of Hanks has a smooth side for the ladies. 

While not as immediately catchy as his Wiz Khalifa rip-off, er, homage, ‘White and Purple,’ ‘Hollywood’ shows that Chet can roll with the Drakes and Bruno Mars-es of the music scene. The lyrics also serve as a guide to the Hollywood casting couch. (“I’ll be a director/you can be the main actress/I just want to do it like they do on the big screen.”) Shudder.

Still, lines like “Girl you can be my calendar/Let’s go on date” remind us of another classic entry in the white boy rap/soul genre — namely the “lite funky ones” in LFO.

Get “Hazed” below with Chet Haze’s ‘Hollywood’ video and ‘White and Purple,’ the track that alerted the world to the fact that Tom Hanks has two sons.

Chet Haze ‘White and Purple’

(via Videogum)