We all have felt it. That cringe when you see your favorite celebrity step away from what we truly adore them for, to pursue other endeavors. Oftentimes, actors and actresses turn to singing because ... well, I don't know. But, hey, at least they always look good doing it! Take a look back on some of our 10 favorite celebs who should've just kept their day job.

  • 10

    Tyra Banks

    Tyra, you are NOT America's Next Top Singer.
  • 9

    Paris Hilton

    Just stick to reality shows and shopping
  • 8

    Lindsay Lohan

    We like Lindsay... before the massive rap sheet
  • 7

    David Hasselhoff

    Um, no.
  • 6

    Gwyneth Paltrow

    You may be BFF's with Beyonce, but there's no talent by association
  • 5

    Jennifer Love-Hewitt

    Just keep acting and staying gorgeous
  • 4

    Eddie Murphy

    Eddie is a great actor and comedian. Let's just keep it like it is.
  • 3

    Jasmine Guy

    This whole song was a mistake.
  • 2

    Kobe Bryant

    Stick to sports K.O.B.E.
  • 1

    Shaquille O'Neal

    No, sir.