February is Black History Month and while we're celebrating the contributions of many African-American men and women worldwide, we at Hot 107-3 Jamz want to take the time to recognize the contributions and successes of our local East Texans. That's why you're seeing this special series called “East Texas Legends”. We are here to honor and acknowledge the many famous East Texans you may know in person or through our history.

We still have notable East Texans to cover like Willie Neal Johnson, Jamie Foxx, and Carl Gardner - so stick around to learn more about our black East Texas legends as we celebrate Black History Month. In the meantime, let's see if you know these important facts about the former Heavyweight Boxing Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist from Marshall, Texas.

As you listen to Hot 107-3 Jamz, you'll hear promos about the many contributions of notable African American East Texans. The goal is to uplift and inspire after seeing what we've done to excel in sports, entertainment, and politics.