The band Cash Cash are paying tribute to the King of Pop in a big way.

The band’s first single, appropriately titled ‘Michael Jackson,’ from their upcoming album ‘The Beat Goes On,’ features not only a beat worthy of attempting your best moonwalk, but also verses almost entirely comprised of Jackson’s biggest hits. We’re going to go out on a limb and say that’s not the easiest thing to accomplish.

Frontman Jean Paul Makhlouf says that the new sound on ‘Michael Jackson’ and ‘The Beat Goes On’ isn’t a radical departure, but more of an evolution. “It’s a lot heavier electro-wise,” he said. “The beats are better and the hooks are more defined. It’s a mix of our Cash Cash electro dance vibe blended with some dubstep shock bundled with a pop anthem chorus.”

‘The Beat Goes On’ will be released by European label Spinnin’ Records, which is also home to Avicii and Afrojack. Makhlouf explained that his mission was to combine dubstep with a pop sensibility that was missing from radio. “A lot of dubstep groups haven’t found a way to make coherent pop songs, and I think we cracked the code with ‘Michael Jackson,” he said. “We’re taking the music in a wild direction.”

The official lyric video for ‘Michael Jackson’ has already been released, and the song features heavy dance-driven beats and lyrics bound to get stuck in your head. With the chorus consisting of the repetitive lyric, “Even though the king is gone / The beat goes on and on,” you just may end up humming it and breaking out into song at any moment.

But the most clever part of the song is in the middle at 2:11, when the music comes to a stop. There, listeners will hear Michael Jackson speak from what is presumably an interview. ”You plant a seed and it grows into something beautiful. And it never dies really,” says Jackson in the seven-second clip. “I think people should be that way.”

Cash Cash, who have produced for Boys Like Girls and created remixes for Calvin Harris and Lady Gaga, have also already achieved global success with their debut album ‘Take It to the Floor’ and self-released sophomore record ‘Love or Lust.’ Long live the king (of pop)!

Watch the Cash Cash Official Lyric Video for ‘Michael Jackson’