A while back, 'Sesame Street' was thrown into turmoil when longtime Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash was accused of sexual activities with -- count 'em like a vampire -- three slightly underage boys and forced to resign.

But Bird Bird and the gang can now rest easy -- because, much like those claims of Snuffalufagus' existence, the case has been dismissed.

Today, July 1, a federal judge ruled that the statute of limitations (which expired three years after the accusers turned 18) had long since passed and the case would therefore not go to trial.

Clash has maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal, saying that what he participated in were adult and consenting relationships -- and given how his accusers routinely changed their stories, it was hard for a lot of us to think they were much more than raging opportunists.

While Clash is still out of a job, Elmo is free to continue talking about himself in the third person and annoying the masses without prejudice.