It's a tradition that began over 150 years ago in the East Texas town of Canton. Farmers, ranchers and townspeople would gather in Canton before the first Monday of the month to trade what they owned or had made for other goods and services from their friends and neighbors. It was a great way to get to know each other and forge relationships between each other. Although times have changed since the early days of First Monday Trade Days in Canton, vendors and shoppers and still forging relationships and that what brings people back month after month and year after year.

It's going to be a sunny and hot weekend for Trade Days this weekend, so if you're headed out make sure you take along a hat, umbrella or sunscreen to protect yourself from getting a sunburn! While shopping too, make sure you wear some comfortable walking shoes and bring along your cash, because you can sometimes strike up a great deal or find a bargain!

Canton's First Monday Trade Days offers up a little something for everyone, so keep your eyes peeled for that special item and you never know, you just might run into your neighbor while shopping.