It's not a secret that some people have champagne wishes and caviar dreams, even if they live on a beer budget. But a new invention from Beverly Hills Caviar is helping to make those expensive dreams come true. A husband and wife who love caviar have developed a caviar vending machine developed so that even us "regular folk" can enjoy the decadent treat. The couple has already unveiled their first machine last Friday at a Burbank Town Center and other malls in California.

Is it just me, or does the phrase "gourmet mall food" sound like an oxymoron? Usually at the mall, I get a pretzel.

Here's what the couple told ABC News about their caviar vending machine:

"What I want to do is make caviar affordable for everybody. What's the point of being in business in America if you can't sell to all of America? We decided to choose three separate malls because any normal person with kids is not living in West Hollywood. Normal people live in the suburbs. The caviar is accessible, not next to Louis Vuitton and not next to Armani or Burberry. It's in a convenient place where you're not uncomfortable with someone looking at you checking out."

The couple wants their customers to be at ease while choosing the products they're buying, whether it's $50 caviar or $5,000 caviar.

Caviar isn't the only delicacy that is offered. There's a full selection of other unusual gourmet foods, not typically found at your supermarket. Items like; escargot, gourmet salts and truffle oils. Heck, there's even a special assortment of caviar for your dog or cat.

The caviar is guaranteed fresh, too. The goods are dispensed in insulated boxes, and need about 30 minutes to defrost for the optimum dining experience. It's preserved at the perfect temperature with no moisture. It comes in a sanitary bag with a mother of pearl spoon.

Really? Now, I've heard it all!