People say lots of things after the election when the feelings are still raw from the loss suffered by their candidate, but when has it gone too far? Well, Denise Helms from California is now under investigation for making a racist comment on her Facebook page that was followed by a statement the U.S. Secret Service takes very seriously. When it is so heated right after an election there is always a feeling of anything could happen. People can be very upset about the outcome of the election, so upset that it may be hard to predict their actions. The organization that protect the president, and even the candidate that did not win, are very cautious about keeping them protected during this time.  The secret service are very weary of any comment or threat to the presidents life. It is their job to make sure nothing happens to the leader of this great nation.

It is never a good idea to even joke about assassination of the president. This is a federal crime to even threaten hurting the president. So why would you ever say anything that could be seen as a threat?

Well, not many people think that it will be taken seriously. A resident of Turlock, California is learning the lesson that you never mess around with the president's safety.

After making a terribly insensitive and racist comment on her Facebook page, Denise Helms is feeling the effects of such a bad choice. She has been fired from her job and is now facing a small investigation of her intentions for the safety of the President.

So, what did she say?

"And another 4 years of the ("N" word) maybe he will get assissinated this term..!!"

This status has become viral. She has been all over news websites and even has Facebook groups formed in either her support of in disgust of her words. What she believed wouldn't be a big deal, is.

Not only her racist comment have caught attention, her joke at Obama's life is going to be something she will forever hear about. After losing her job and being watched by the Secret Service, do you think she will regret what she said?

Here is a video with Denise Helms explaining herself, watch and then tell us what you think.

Now that you heard straight from the source, what do you think about her situation?