For most of 2016, Bryson Tiller crushed every festival stage he touched. Even though Tiller was busy perfecting his performance game, he's back to doing what he does best and that's dropping scintillating bangers.

Today, Pen Griffey returns with a home run of a record in "Let Me Explain." Crooning over the soulful Phonix's production enables Tiller to plead with his shawty for forgiveness for his indiscretions.

"You used to come keep me company / Tell me you love me and just me/Oh and it took a while to trust me / Girl I had to work for it/Still you don't judge me / I love the way you touch me/I'm feeling like I'm 'bout to lose you," he sings on the record.

With a penchant for delivering over smooth beats, it's safe to say that Bryson is back with another heater. Hopefully, this record signals a new project on the way, because it's been well over a year since we last heard from Tiller with his stellar project,Trapsoul.

Listen to "Let Me Explain" below.

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