Bruno Mars is going through a breakup and it looks like it may get ugly. The chart-topper filed a lawsuit against his music publisher, Bug Music, claiming the company refuses to let him out of his contract, despite having fulfilled his end of their agreement.

So what’s the deal? In documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Mars states that he turned in all of his music by  February. He claims Bug had a certain amount of time to exercise its option to continue the relationship with Mars, but failed to after he delivered the agreed upon number of songs. So now Mars wants out.

Why is Mars so eager to part ways with his music publisher? Well, under his current contract, Bug Music receives 50 percent of the copyrights to all songs the singer creates under the agreement. That’s not chump change.

Unfortunately, it may not be so easy for the ‘Lazy Song‘ singer because Bug Music maintains that Mars is still under contract.