The Denver Broncos were tested for the first time this season on Sunday. They went into to Dallas in Jerry's House and had a shootout with the Dallas Cowboys.

Tony Romo became the first Cowboys quarterback to throw for more than 500 yards, but a last-minute interception gave a the Broncos a chance to beak the 48-48 tie and in Peyton Manning fashion, milked the clock. Matt Prater kicked a 28-yard field goal with two seconds left to help Denver escape the upset.

So once again, the Broncos are ranked No. 1 in the NFL Power rankings.The New Orleans Saints have moved up to No.2 after an impressive win over the Chicago Bears followed by

the Indianapolis Colts at No.3.....the suprising Kansas City Chiefs at No. 4 and the Seattle

Seahawks who moved down to No.5 after thier loss  to the Colts on Sunday