Some people will do anything for a little bit of fame. But, hacking into a celebrity’s Twitter account is different story. A hacker got into Bow Wow’s Twitter page Tuesday and was very proud and open about it.

Several of Bow Wow's followers might have found themselves puzzled at the tweets coming from Bow Wow’s account, but it wasn’t him. The rapper’s rep contacted Twitter and they hope to get the issue resolved soon. For now, Bow Wow will be using the Twitter name @YMCBow. If you weren’t already witnessing the bizarre tweets on Twitter, here’s what the hacker wrote on Tuesday night:

“Ni--a  I got Bow twitter on smash follow me…..I’m the haaaacker this ni--a got B-TCHES in his DM’s. Bow you want pg back I want 10k. Ni--a we on I got all Bow wow b-tches . If ya boy want his pg back tellem I need 10k asap.”

He even responded rudely to the fan’s comments about his demands by stating, “ all you lil fans that’s mad so be it. I want followers. Pick up my new mixtape the street code vol1 ni--a got 2 mill followers ima promote. Laughn all his fans calln me all kinds of names. That’s childish. Download my mixtape street code vol 1 look me up on datpiff.”

The hacker even goes as far as justifying what he's doing, because he wants his music to be heard. He also said this: "Man I'm getting dms from universal. Look I'm sorry bowwow man ima fan I know you can read your timeline I just want to be heard can you help."

Hopefully, fans know about Bow Wow’s new page and unfollow the old page. We hope that Twitter gets to bottom of who did the hacking soon.