With a new baby, a new mixtape ready for release, and a new album on the horizon, it should come as no surprise that Bow Wow has some stuff on his mind.

Wait, scratch that. According to the rapper, what’s on his mind isn’t “stuff” — although it is a four-letter word that starts with S.

Yes, that’s right: Bow Wow’s latest single and video is the frankly titled ‘S— on My Mind,’ just released following a tumultuous few weeks during which he revealed that he’s a new father, complained of relationship trouble with the baby’s mother, and deactivated his Twitter account in a fit of pique after haters got him down.

“Since maf—s wanna be p—-’s and fake tweet fake statements how bout i just shut down my twitter,” Bow Wow tweeted July 20. “You can thank the dumb f—s for it!”

So we have a little less Bow Wow for now, but fans can take heart: Not only do we have ‘S— on My Mind’ to enjoy, we can look forward to his ‘Greenlight 4′ mixtape and ‘Underrated’ album this fall.