The clock is ticking as the bipartisan congressional negotiations on border security hit a roadblock yesterday (February 10th) after previous reports that seemed encouraging after the government shutdown ended last month.

According to USA Today, this bump in the road isn't good for both parties as the deadline on Friday (February 15th) could lead to another potential shutdown.

The root of the problem stems from whether to limit the number of migrants that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can detain.

Both sides are still divided over the $5.7 million for a border wall that President Trump wants.

AP cited the people involved in the talks are saying Democrats have proposed limiting the number of immigrants in the country illegally who are caught inside the U.S., but not at the border, that ICE can detain.

Republicans don't want the cap to apply to immigrants caught committing crimes, but the Democrats do and each side is placing blame on one another for the hold up.

Let's hope both sides can come together and remedy this situation and avoid another shutdown!