Discovery Science Place has announced an exciting new exhibit coming to the Discovery Annex for the summer. Opening April 30th through September 4th, Bodies Human is education, health, science, and art all in one amazing exhibit.

“Bodies Human brings a big city style exhibit to East Texas,” said Chris Rasure, Discovery Science Place executive director. “This is the first time an exhibit of this nature has come to Tyler, and we are proud to offer it to the public."

Bodies Human gives an up-close and personal look inside our skeletal, muscular, respiratory, and circulatory systems in an extraordinary display of over 100 authentic human specimens. It includes whole bodies, individual organs and transparent body slices that have been preserved through a process of plastination, a technique that replaces bodily fluids with reactive plastics. The exhibit offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see and understand our own physiology and health and to gain new appreciation and respect for what it means to be human.

The various poses of the bodies illustrate different anatomical features and athletic positions. Among the featured poses are those of a basketball player, discus thrower, and soccer player. A smoker’s tar-coated black lung shows the ravages of smoking while a liver damaged from cirrhosis speaks to the dangerous of excessive alcohol intake. Bodies Human aims to educate the public about the inner workings of the human body and show the effects of poor health, good health and lifestyle choices.

This exhibit is appropriate for school groups and visitors ages 13 and up. Responsible adults must accompany children under 13, as the exhibit includes full-body specimens with exposed genitalia structures.

Exhibit Admission:
$8.00 Adult (13 and up); $6.00 Child (5-12 years) $7.00 Group Rate.
Individual tickets can be purchased at the museum front desk or online at Please call Discovery Science Place at (903) 533-8011. for group rate information and scheduling.

Bodies Human: Anatomy in Motion is produced and managed by Lynx Exhibit Company. Visit for more information.