Bobbi Kristina celebrated her 20th birthday March 5, and shared a note she penned to her late mother via Instagram. Bobbi expresses how much she misses Whitney, her hopes, and the love she shares of her mother and her memory.

Under her photo, Bobbi expressed:

•• I pray I'm growing into thee phenomenal women you always knew I'd be mommy, I love you & miss you immensely ..& I always will. YOUaremyHEART• YOUaremyLIFE• YOUaremyEVERYTHING• YOUaremyMOTIVATION• YOUareME•IamYOU. WEareONE• forever&always• iLoveyouMYlady •• xO


Bobbi and Whitney Thru the Years