Rapper B.o.B is back and is set to release his third studio effort, 'Underground Luxury,' next month. For his latest single, 'Throwback,' the Atlanta native reunites with embattled singer Chris Brown. The duo first teamed up on 'Arena' from B.o.B's last LP, 'Strange Clouds.'

Over a pulsating bass-heavy beat and orchestral strings, Bobby Ray encourages the fly ladies to "go crazy" and shake their, um, assets.

"Don’t be scared bitch, throw that back / This d--- right here is cleaner than a hypochondriac / Po' that yack, po' that yack / This flow, you know that's crack / This beat, you know that track / 
I put my city on, you be on the map," he spits.

Breezy follows B.o.B’s lead and jumps on the song to taunt his haters and throw racks at the big-booty strippers.

"She said her booty from the motherland / She started wobblin' and poppin' like a rubber band / I’m throwin' ten racks with my right / She told me grab her a--- wit' my other hand," he raps.

Undoubtedly, 'Throwback' will be the go-to song for DJs to spin at the clubs.

B.o.B’s 'Underground Luxury' is due Dec. 17. The collection boasts guest appearances from 2 Chainz, T.I. and Future.