Trayon Christian is your typical 19-year-old college student attempting to live the life that is portrayed in the entertainment community. This hard-working young man worked a part-time job to save up $350 so he could purchase the belt of his dreams. Unfortunately his dreams were all shattered because that Salvatore Ferragamo belt cost him $350 plus jail time and humiliation.

In April of this year, Trayon went to Barneys on New York's Madison Avenue to purchase the designer belt. After giving the store clerk his debit card and identification, the purchase went through without a glitch. Walking out of the store as one of the happiest shoppers that day, he was approached by New York City police just a block away -- tipped by a Barneys employee who questioned, "How could a young black man afford a purchase for such an expensive belt?"

On Tuesday of this week, Trayon filed a lawsuit in the Manhattan Supreme Court because after officers took him to the local precinct in handcuffs, he provided the receipt for the belt, his identification and the debit card used to make the purchase. But police still were not convinced that the ID and card were legitimate. As Trayon sat in a jail cell thinking, "Why me, I guess because I'm a young black man?" police called the bank to verify the charges and then let Trayon go.

For the record, Trayon has no prior arrests and later returned to Barneys and returned the belt because he says he "didn't want nothing to do with it." He is suing the city and luxury department store for unspecified damages.