Bishop Paul Morton, who mentored Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, wants Bishop Long  to publicly repent for his transgressions. Bishop Morton, who is over the Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship said he felt like it was his duty to speak out because Long refuses to return any of his calls! Recently, he rebuked Bishop Long.Bishop Morton said:

“If you have repented, show me some signs. Show me some humility,” Morton said according to Black World TV. “You can’t just come back and tell me nothing. Tell me something. Those who have stood with you, tell us something.”

“Take heed to yourselves. If your brother trespass against you, rebuke him.”

 “I’m rebuking him today. He doesn’t return any of my calls no more. I’m rebuking him,” Morton told the church before reading further. “And if he repents, forgive him,” Morton says, then adds this caveat. “I cannot forgive somebody that does not repent.”

“If the settlement has already been made [and] they can’t sue you again, you can apologize,” Morton continues. “I know there is a gag order, but you have to face the consequences. Some people are going to stay with you, and some people are going to leave you. But you gotta leave that up to God. Those are the consequences of the sins that we do.”

Do you think Bishop Morton was justified in his actions? Do you think Bishop Eddie Long will ever publicly "repent"?


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