The problems for Bishop Eddie Long continue to mount, even as he has settled the sexual misconduct case months ago. Apparently Bishop Long is now being sued by New Birth Missionary Baptist Church members and ex-members. The ongoing litigation cite Bishop Long and investment adviser Ephren Taylor hosting Ponzi-scheme-type events seeking wealthy members of the church to "invest" and their investments supposedly would incur 20% in annual returns. Reports indicatethat according the the suits, that never materialized. The suits also say that Taylor was not licensed to sell or offer advice on investments. Ephren Taylor responded in an interview saying:

“I, in no way, came to New Birth or any other stop on the tour with the intent to scam anyone out of money. I certainly feel a great amount of compassion for anyone who suffers losses from opportunities that were tied to my stamp of approval, which is why when there seemed to be a collective outcry from the church, I instructed City Capital to respond accordingly, prior to my departure. I cannot speak to what has been done since that time, but at the end of the day, when most people in the business world would have ignored these individuals, I responded, only to face a storm of media ridicule for lack of adequate facts presented.”

Wow! The problems keep coming. This situation is unfortunately extremely common with religious and church organizations. Our advice: Do you research before investing your hard-earned money into anything!

Bishop Long Asks Ephren Taylor To Pay Church Members Back