When my mother went shopping for a swimsuit for me, she was very strict with how it fit, looked and covered -- and it was NEVER a bikini. I actually purchased my first bikini at 18 years old. My mother was always very particular about how I looked as a young girl, and made sure that I dressed age appropriate. Now, a bikini line for young girls designed by Elizabeth Hurley is getting much flak and is being called 'inappropriate' and 'disturbing.'Actress Elizabeth Hurley calls the swimsuits for young girls "fun" on her website. However, Claude Knight, the director of the charity Kidscape, is begging to differ:

It is very disturbing to see some inappropriate items in this swimwear range." 

According to reports, parents along with Knight are accusing Hurley's brand of sexualizing young girls. Some of the descriptions on the brand's website look like this:

The description promotes the "grown-up" look for little girls, but also disclaims that they are still well-covered.

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