Sometimes, there is nothing better in the world than some good music. Most times, something a little funky and lots of soul is the best cure to a life not so perfect. "Trouble in My Way" and the rest of the songs on The Relatives come back album will get you through your days. 

It has taken thirty years for this Dallas based band to come back into our sights. But, their new album, The Electric Word, is worth the love wait.

Want proof how great this album is?

Texas Monthly magazine has an exclusive album stream of The Relatives' "The Electric Word. "

In their article they say it best with, "Next Tuesday, February 19, the Relatives will transcend their status as a vibrant oldies act when Yep Roc Records releases The Electric Word, the group’s brand new—and first-ever—studio record. Recorded with Spoon drummer Jim Eno behind the boards, The Electric Word is a thrilling testament to the Relatives’ belief in keeping one eye on the pews, one eye on the dancefloor, and an ear cocked to the strains of hard-rock radio."

You will find when listening to the album that you will lose control of your feet. They will start tapping and moving to the beat. Your fingers will begin to snap and your head will begin to bob. Some of the old favorites we all know will get you to start singing, as well. The Electric Word will soothe your soul while it awakes your funky dance moves.

I highly recommend pre-ordering the album so that you won't have to stop listening to The Relatives grooving sounds.

For now, here is a little taste of their great tunes.