I think everybody wants to know how Bey got into that dress that has caused so much uproar since she wore it at the Met Gala. Well, if you want that body, her personal trainer is telling all!

Marco Borges, who is the founder of the 22 Days Nutrition plan, says that Mrs. Carter started preparing weeks before the event. He put her on his plant-based, 22-day food regimen. This already sounds bad to me -- looks like I will NEVER wear anything like that.

At any rate, Borges says that it is a unique because it is not a diet, but rather a way of life. Yeah, yeah, yeah! He says that with this plan, not only will you lose weight, but you will also have increased energy, clear skin, improved sleep, improved sex drive and you'll finish in 22 days!

22 days huh, I might have to give it a shot if it means I can look like this:

Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images