Soon after Beyonce's 'Pretty Hurts' video debuted, the singer launched a campaign asking people what their definition of pretty is. After receiving a wealth of submissions, she combined the clips and photographs to create an inspiring visual.

Posted on her Facebook page Wednesday (May 7), the 117-second clip shows snippets of nature, people smiling and even short videos of individuals explaining their definition of pretty.

"I think pretty is being you," a young woman states. "And I think society puts too much pressure on what they think pretty is."

Another young lady says, "To have self-confidence in your self in every aspect of your life."

Since the video was posted, more than 28,000 people have liked the Facebook post, more than 780 have commented and more than 3,000 shared it with their friends. And the contributions to continually grows by the hour.

If you want to tell Beyonce (and everyone else) what you think pretty means, just add #whatispretty to your Instagram posts and it will be instantly included on the website.