Although little Blue Ivy recently turned 1 year old, her superstar parents are already planning for a second baby! Beyonce spilled the beans to Shape magazine after discussing her 57 pound post-baby weight loss.In a recent interview with Shape magazine, Beyonce recently expressed that she and Jay Z are loving being parents so much, that they are ready to bring another child into the world. She also talked about how she lost the 57 lbs she gained with baby Blue:

"Breastfeeding took care of the first 30 pounds," Bey shared. "I was amazed at how the weight just fell off of me. But I had to work very hard to lose the last 25 because I'd scheduled a show just three months after I gave birth. Let me tell you, I'll never do that again!"


So when is the power duo planning on trying for another baby? The R&B diva reveled:

"I'll probably start [trying to have another child] after this tour. We'll see if it happens."


Beyonce's tour, The Mrs. Carter show will officially kick off next month.


Beyonce Weight Loss - Shape Magazine