Beyonce is back on top after giving birth to beautiful baby Blue Ivy! According to, Beyonce is said to be starring as Queen Tara in the animated movie called Epic.

The movie is being produced by the same producers of Rio and Ice Age. The story is about a teen-aged girl who mysteriously ends up in a secret universe where she must unite with other characters to save the world. The movie is also starring Pitbull (Bufo), Colin Farrell (Ronin), Amanda Seyfried (Mary Katherine), Johnny Knoxville (Mandrake), Aziz Ansari (Mub and Aerosmith) and last but not least, American Idol judge Steven Tyler (Nim Galuu).

Beyonce is also set to appear in a remake of A Star Is Born, directed by Clint Eastwood.

Epic will be in theaters May 24 ,2013. We can’t wait to see what Beyonce has in store for the world next!