Beyonce made quite a stir in Coney Island, N.Y. this week. The 'Grown Woman' singer was on hand at the amusement park with photographer Terry Richardson and a camera crew in tow, and everyone had a blast ... except for one poor couple who got stuck on a Ferris Wheel while Bey got ready!

For part of the shoot, Bey and Richardson decided to take a spin on the Ferris Wheel, but Queen Bey had her makeup touched up before setting off. The Daily Mail reports that the ride was temporarily shut down in the meantime -- with a couple still on it! It took the park and video crew half an hour to realize anyone was still on the ride.

When the couple exited the ride, the woman was sobbing while her date scurried off to avoid attention. Beyonce was unaware of the incident and kept right on shooting as normal, interacting with fans and having a blast. You can watch videos from the shoot below!

Pacific Coast News

Watch Beyonce Hang Out at Coney Island