This might be the most adorable and the most extravagant thing we’ve ever heard. Beyonce reportedly asked Christian Louboutin to design his signature red soled shoes for baby Blue Ivy.

Considering baby Blue’s feet are, so far, the most we’ve seen of the tyke since proud papa Jay-Z debuted her first photos on his Life and Times website, the move actually makes some sense. Blue’s tootsies have been swinging from her sling that Mama Bear Beyonce’s been wearing around New York City. The littlest Carter was recently spotted wearing the cutest gold slippers by Marc Jacobs, so it shouldn’t be a shock that she’d be in for some more fancy footwear.

While the shoes may be a splurge for most new babies, remember that this is Blue Ivy Carter we’re talking about! She sleeps in a $3,500 crib and got so many presents when she was born that they were donated to charity.

Regardless of what’s on her feet, we hear baby Blue’s face is changing everyday. We just want to see her adorable mug! Since her mom is one of the world’s most glamorous women and her dad invented swag, we’re sure she’ll look snazzy in just about anything.