Beyonce shocked the world by lobbing off her thick locks last week in favor of a super short pixie. She must have not liked that 'do so much, because she was spotted with an asymmetrical blond bob just a mere week after shedding her strands!

The bob is a similar chop, without a lot of precision. It's sorta messy and sexy.

In case you missed the chop-heard-round-the-world, the photos are below. The mod cut definitely highlighted Beyonce's beautiful features, namely her sculpted brows and almond eyes.

But women are often attached to their hair... Perhaps she was feeling a cutter's remorse after becoming shorn and chose to adopt another new 'do? Bey's rocking either a wig or extensions, since freshly cropped hair doesn't grow back in a week.

Whatever the case, short or long, wig or real, Bey's a beauty.