Beyonce recently wrapped up her 'Mrs. Carter World Tour' to be slapped with a lawsuit from two fans who attempted to attend her Chicago show. Two of her fans are suing Queen Bey for injuries they received when they attended her show in Chicago at the United Center.

Two young ladies say they arrived hours before the show was to kick off so they would be sure to miss the crowds and be able to stand in front of the stage. If you didn't know, with this tour, Beyonce had standing room only for fans who purchased floor tickets. So it was like the biggest mosh pit ever.

Now what made these two young ladies think they would beat the crowds and be able to get to the front of the stage at a Beyonce concert is beyond me. I took my daughters to the Dallas show and we actually had seats, and eventually worked our way down to the floor, which is how I able to capture the shot above from so close.

Back to the lawsuit. So, Raquel Castellanos and Gabriella Davidson, were both trampled and suffered broken bones, leaving both of them unconscious and unable to attend the concert. They feel Beyonce and the United Center both did nothing to prevent this tragedy from happening to them. So, they are suing both Beyonce and the United Center.

I hate the ladies had to experience that, but what could Beyonce or the United Center do to prevent this incident?